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perennial geranium varieties

These flowers’ petals are eye-catching in deep purple with white centers. H x S: 40cm x 60cm. Also known as the Wood Cranesbill, the flower has lilac petals and white centers. Geranium “Elke.” Dark pink and white centers, these geraniums bloom from late spring to late summer and grow up to 12 inches in height. See more ideas about hardy geranium, geraniums, perennials. Geranium sanguineum spreads less quickly than Geranium endressii and requires little to no care. Also known as the Red Robin or the Fox Geranium, it has small, pink, five-petaled blooms with deeply dissected leaves and petals that can turn red at the end of the season. Hardy Geraniums are such wonderful plants. They bloom from late spring to late summer and grow best in full sun or partial shade. Are geraniums annuals or perennial. Geranium 'Double Jewel' is a compact geranium with a more upright growing habit than you usually see in hardy varieties. We have a wonderful selection of perennials year round, but if you are looking for a specific perennial we will have the best selection when it is in bloom around town. These flowers grow up to one foot in height and have purple-crimson petals and dark red centers. They bloom early in the season and in cooler areas and the blooming can continue throughout the summer. Geranium x oxonianum 'Wageningen' Many varieties of this widely grown hybrid are weedy, floppy and unremarkable but 'Wageningen' is more compact, more upright and has a long succession of green eyed, salmony pink flowers each with a shiny reflective surface to enhance the appeal. It is the winner of several international flower awards. With salmon pink to silvery-pink petals and medium-green leaves, these flowers boast long-lasting colors and a height of up to two feet. Propagation: Many varieties of geranium can be propagated from seed and division. Most gardeners don't bother to stake them, since it is still an attractive plant, even with its floppy habit. They look great as borders and groundcovers. The foliage consists of lacy green leaves and the blooms have tiny white eyes and dark purple veins. They are sturdy and hardy and they have dark veins and fan-shaped leaves. A very common form of geranium, the blooms are stocky and large and they consist of single or double blooms that are shaped in cluster-like balls. Here are six varieties of hardy geraniums to consider for your flower garden. They grow up to one foot in height, they are resistant to deer and rabbits, and butterflies love them. Perennial flower and plants are listed ... Must Have Perennials® Varieties. E. Echinacea Epimedium Erodium Eupatorium. Their leaves vary as well and can include a round, serrated, crinkly, or lacy look. As a specialist nursery, I can offer a far broader range than other nurseries, and also focus on all important quality, not just in the product I offer, but in service too. They grow in full sun and partial shade and they are long-lasting and easy to grow. The blue of its flowers is hard to photograph and more stunning when you actually see the plant. They also have leaves with a red-purple tinge once fall arrives. Geranium endressii is a plant that often comes to mind when gardeners think of hardy geraniums. They bloom in late spring and early summer and they are sturdy and easy to grow. With an exceptionally long bloom period, the Patricia is easy to grow and very reliable with magenta-pink petals and black star-shaped centers. They are easy to grow, thrive in shade and flower for months. Cut back the flowers after the first bloom, to get sporadic repeat blooms. Nov 5, 2018 - Explore Woodapple's board "Perennial geranium", followed by 236 people on Pinterest. These over achieving, sun-loving plants grow only 6 to 18 inches tall (depending on variety), put on a big show of color in … A deciduous perennial flower, they are easy to grow and get up to two feet tall. The petals on this flower open pink and eventually turn purple with veins and a white center. Most are winter hardy in USDA zones 5 through 8. They are hardy and beautiful and they are also resistant to deer and rabbits. Older varieties are somewhat intolerant of long periods of heat and humidity, but newer varieties are more heat-resistant. Geranium sanguineum has one of the best bloom displays of all the geraniums. They can grow as large as two inches wide and they bloom in early- to mid-summer. With beautiful chocolate leaves, these flowers have petals in purplish-pink color and a creamy white center. Hardy Geranium plants have become renowned in recent years as for the summer border display, adding traditional colour and beauty when they flower from late summer through to early autumn. Growing Hardy Geraniums. Creeping, sprawling or covering varieties can be planted for ground cover in forest settings or in a wild garden. They look beautiful as borders and in containers. Hardy geraniums are low-growing perennial plants that spread via rhizomes. They grow up to eight inches tall and are hardy, reliable, and very easy to grow. They are similar to the Ann Folkard but they are more compact and more heat-tolerant. G. endressii is sometimes considered a hybrid cross between G. endressii and G. versicolor, with the official name of Geranium × oxonianum. A hardy, herbaceous, perennial plant, the Bloody Geranium has beautiful magenta-pink petals and sturdy stems. The foliage is often toothed and remains attractive year-round The flowers float on top of … The Double Jewel has beautiful white petals with a dark pink flushing near the center, which has a yellow tint. They have beautiful foliage and are pest- and disease-free. They can have white veins and they grow up to three feet in height. Geranium “Dreamland.” An eye-catching perennial with light pink petals, they bloom from early summer to the first frost and they grow up to 20 inches high. It can grow up to 60 inches in height and does best in temperate regions. With purplish-pink petals that contain deep red centers, these flowers grow up to four feet high and are short-lived biennials. Resembling powder puffs, these eye-catching flowers grow up to 16 inches high and come in salmon pink. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' was the first of the brilliant blue geraniums to catch gardeners' eyes. With white petals and deep purple stripes and yellow centers, they grow up to 12 inches high and are virtually trouble- and maintenance-free. The genus Geranium contains over 300 species distributed mainly in North Temperate regions, and more than 100 varieties are presently in cultivation. I didn't know geraniums came in perennial varieties, so thank you. Jun 16, 2018 - Perennial Geraniums are not to be confused with the annual varieties [Zonal Geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum)]. It has leaves that are bright chartreuse and turn darker later in the season and it is a hybrid with a lot of sturdiness and vigor. Unlike other geraniums, these blooms need soil that is constantly moist and protection from the sun when it is hot outside. The flower stalks can grow quite tall and will droop under the weight of the blossoms. 'Kashmir Purple' is a more vigorous plant that also spreads more vigorously. It’s native to South Africa but can also be found all over the world. They grow to 18 inches high and are short, compact, and easy to grow. The winner of several international flower awards, the Mavis Simpson grows up to 18 inches high and looks great as a groundcover. Marie Iannotti is an author, photographer, and speaker with 27 years of experience as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener, The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, 'Johnson's Blue' (Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'), 'Double Jewel' (Geranium pratense 'Double Jewel'), 'Southcombe Double' (Geranium × oxonianum f. thurstonianum 'Southcombe Double', 16 Eye-Catching Varieties of Hardy Geranium, 14 Varieties of Beautiful Anemone Flowers, 7 Species of Daisies for Your Flower Garden, 8 Varieties of Coreopsis for Your Flower Garden. One of its common names, cranesbill, comes from the seedpods of these plants, which resemble the beak of a crane. Astilbe; Epimedium; Monarda; Sedum; Rudbeckia; Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. The palmately cleft leaves are broadly circular in form. Geraniums are also called Crane’s Bill because of the resemblance with its seed capsule. Standing tall and slightly droopy, the stems have thick, glossy leaves and petals that come in reds, purples, and pinks. Also known as the Madeira Cranesbill, this flower has deeply divided, fern-like leaves and pink flowers set atop stems that are deep red in color. With small pink flowers and deep violet veins, this flower has dark green leaves and grows up to 16 inches tall. This wallpaper was upload at November 26, 2019 by Home Design. There is a hardy geranium for all conditions from full sun right through to dry shade. With mauve-blue petals that include iridescent purple veins, these flowers have small white eyes and mid-green leaves. After the blooms fade, the whole plant should be sheared back to basal growth. They have won various awards and grow up to 30 inches in height. The cranesbill/storksbill common name is earned because the seed pods somewhat resemble the bills of those birds. Geraniums are cheerful, colorful flowers that fill the landscape with brightly colored blossoms. This particular geranium can be spotted in just about every photo of a British garden and it has proven to be widely adaptable in other areas as well. Geranium Varieties. D. Delphinium Dierama Dodecatheon. This flower is a very popular annual and comes in many colors, including bright red, with tall, upright bushes that are truly eye-catching. Perennial geraniums are available in shades of pink, blue, purple and white. These purple-magenta flowers have dark veins and an almost black center. Consisting of golden yellow foliage with markings of red, purple, and green, these flowers have multi-colored, semi-flat petals; therefore, they are unique and very attractive. Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 01, 2018: I did not know there are different varieties of perennial geraniums. But that plant, which often goes by the common name of "garden geranium" or "annual geranium," is actually a member of the Pelargonium genus of plants—and it as been since 1789, when the the genus was separated out from the Geranium genus. Although not a true Geranium, it belongs in the same family. Hardy Geraniums are in fact one of the most important groups of garden plants, being easy to grow and eminently suited, both aesthetically and ecologically, for all the different habitats of the garden environment. Among the different varieties of geraniums, the scented geraniums are lavished not so much for their flowers, but for the fragrance of their leaves, emanating a … They look beautiful in cottage gardens, rock gardens, beds, and borders and they are attractive to butterflies. The star-shaped double flowers are white with purple-pink centers, blooming from late spring to midsummer. Their petals are rose-pink in color and have dark veins throughout them. Some Geraniums are tailing, some are upright and some have single bloom while some have double. For summer foliage, these geraniums are some of the best flowers to plant. Geranium × cantabrigiense 'Karmina' (Cranesbill) is a vigorous, semi-evergreen, mat-forming perennial with masses of 5-petaled, lilac-pink flowers opening from dark red buds. Their blooms are small and they look great in containers and vases. Geranium endressii is a quick spreader and makes a wonderful ground cover or mass planting. The Johnson’s Blue is perfect for rock gardens and has blue saucer-like petals that bloom for many weeks. With the largest blooms of all geraniums, the petals are bi-colored and have a darker center. Geranium sanguineum carries the common name of bloody cranesbill because its foliage turns a bright crimson in the fall. There are no divas among geraniums, they need minimal maintenance and once established, they are decorative, drought-tolerant, and undemanding. To the uninitiated, a "geranium" is considered to be that familiar annual plant that is so often found planted in cemetery urns, window boxes, and hanging baskets—a fleshy-leaved plant with long flower stalks and clustered blossoms. Medium to tall in height, this grassland perennial consists of leaves that are deeply cut and stems that are hairy, long, and reddish in color. Perennial Geraniums are one of the longest bloomers in the garden, hardy geraniums produces jewel-tone, saucer-shape flowers and mounds of handsome, for months at a time. The Royal Horticultural Society gave it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). They contain blue-violet petals and dense leaves. The foliage remains evergreen in milder zones. There exist 100 different varieties of geraniums, so that it may get confusing for you, but understanding the difference between geraniums and pelargoniums will do the work. These plants bloom all summer long and have upward-facing petals that are deep magenta-pink in color. These are hardy Geraniums with numerous purple-magenta blooms, tiny white centers, and rich green foliage. Often the whole plant can begin to look scraggly and a good shearing is needed to rejuvenate it. They are attractive to butterflies but not to deer and rabbits and they look great in containers and in mixed perennial borders. Although most varieties prefer sun, they will tolerate partial shade as well. Also known as the Purple Cranesbill, the flowers are rich violet-blue with dark veins running through them and they have white centers. The Brookside produces dark lavender-blue blooms from spring through fall and in the fall, the blooms turn from lavender-blue to a bright red-orange. The flower gets its name due to its citrusy scent but the petals are sparse and lavender in color with dark purple near its dark purple center. The saucer-shaped flowers are hardy, easy to grow, and can grow up to 24 inches high. Native Area: Nursery hybrid; parent species are native to Asia, the Himalayas. Geranium endressii is an early summer bloomer and stays in flower for several weeks. A. Achillea Aconitum Actaea (Cimicifuga) Agastache Allium Anemone Aquilegia Aster Astilbe Astrantia. The winner of numerous international flower awards, the flowers grow up to two feet high and are very vigorous. Geranium arboreum “Hawaiian Red-Flowered Geranium.”, Geranium maderense “Giant Herb-Robert Geranium.”, Geranium palmatum “Canary Island Cranesbill.”, Geranium psilostemon “Armenian Cranesbill.”, Geranium renardii “Caucasian Cranesbill.”, Geranium x oxonianum f. thurstonianum “Southcombe Double.”, Pelargonium domesticum “Martha Washington Geranium.”, Pelargonium graveolens “Scented Leaf Geranium.”, Pelargonium pellatum “Ivy Leaf Geranium.”, Pelargonium x hortorum “Garden Geranium.”. They provide a truly diverse range of colours and forms, making it possible to find one for pretty much every part of the garden. Geranium 'Alice' Geranium cinereum 'Carol' Geranium cinereum 'Purple Pillow' Geranium 'Memories' Geranium 'Penny Lane' Geranium 'Sateene' Geranium 'Springtime' Geranium 'Thumbling Heart' Perennials. An adaptable geranium, it’s a good plant for dry shade. They grow up to two feet in height and are vigorous perennials that require very little maintenance. They are easy to grow and both pest- and disease-free. These flowers are disease- and pest-free, easy to grow, and have magenta flowers that bloom from late spring to early summer. wide (4 cm). Perennial varieties. With finely divided foliage, the flower is compact and grows well all summer long. 800-852-5243 Log In The typical cup-shaped flowers come in shades of pink, magenta, and white. They have won numerous international flower awards and require very little maintenance. Find the perfect Geraniums for your yard today. The flowers can completely hide the foliage and repeat bloom can be expected. Also called the Dark Red Geranium, this flower can remain dormant for months but when it does bloom, you get vivid petals in bright red that are truly eye-catching. Most hardy geranium varieties grow low and slow, with heights around 12″ to 18″, and a spread of 2 to 3 feet at full size. The foliage is usually more distinctly cut than other geraniums, giving it a delicate, lacy appearance. With sparse lavender petals and beautiful dark leaves, this variety of Geranium looks great in borders, beds, and cottage gardens. Welcome to the Hardy Geranium nursery. Each variety has a unique scent and they can smell of mint, lemon, chocolate, various spices, and anything that is citrusy. Also known as the Broad-Petaled Geranium, it is a herbaceous plant with petals that are lavender-blue in color and have light-colored centers. With deep-maroon petals and white centers, these flowers grow up to 30 inches in height and are eye-catching and elegant-looking. Perfect for edges and in rock gardens, the Max Frei grows up to 12 inches high and is also attractive to butterflies. They make great borders and flowers for containers and they are disease- and pest-free. The 'Southcombe Double' cultivar has pure pink, fluffy double blossoms that don't look like geraniums at first glance. Hardy geraniums are low-growing perennial plants that spread via rhizomes. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. They come in colors such as lavender, orange, pink, white, red, and salmon. Known for its fragrant foliage, these flowers do great in patios and other seating areas. True geraniums, on the other hand, are much more cold hardy and can be grown as perennials in many more climates. Perfect for all garden types and all types of gardener. striatum (Bloody Cranesbill) is an eye-catching prostrate perennial with soft pink, cup-shaped flowers with darker pink veining, up to 1.5 in. Species forming large bunches are marvelous to decorate flower beds. Native to Hawaii, these flowers are pollinated by birds, which is rare for geraniums. Perennial Geranium Varieties is free HD Wallpaper. What beautiful flowers! In both foliage and flower, perennial geraniums offer a variety of colors to choose from. They bloom in late spring and early summer and they are great in suppressing weeds, thanks to their foliage that spreads to form a hammock shape. This genus of plants is invaluable in the garden. One of the biggest advantages to growing perennial geraniums is the ease of planting and care. 'Southcombe Double' is a cultivar developed from one form of the same hybrid geranium that was the source of the popular 'Wargrave's Pink cultivar'. Mobile: +44 (0)7984 880241 Most people confuse geraniums with pelargoniums. A lovely free flowering variety of the sanguineum species, Geranium sanguineum var. They are perfect for window boxes and hanging baskets. Hardy, mounding plants feature pretty, five-petaled flowers and attractive deeply lobed, often lacy-looking foliage. Perennial varieties. The flowers bloom from June to September and include five petals that are violet-blue in color. As a group, they are also known as true geraniums, perennial geraniums, or wild geraniums. Compact perennial geraniums are perfect to cover rocky terrain and line edges in small gardens. We gardeners can never have too many white flowers, and the deeply divided foliage of geranium 'Alba' only increases the ornamental value of this plant. The foliage is bright and glossy, and the pale-centred, mauve-pink flowers open over a long season, from June to August, when many shade plants are over. Geranium, Perennial Plant Features Perennial geraniums, often called cranesbill geraniums, always seem to be smothered in bloom. Cranesbills, or hardy geraniums, are perennial border plants with saucer-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple and blue. With beautiful cupped magenta petals and black star-shaped centers, this type of geranium has a long blooming period and has won numerous international flower awards. This flower is also called the Wood Geranium or Spotted Geranium and it consists of petals that can be rose-purple, pale purple, or violet-purple in color. Their petals are saucer-shaped and deep purple in color with white centers and dark veins throughout. It is probably a hybrid cross between G. himalayense and G. pretense. ''Kashmir White' is not the hardiest grower, but the white flowers and finely cut foliage make it garden-worthy. It is an attractive plant all season, in or out of bloom. The common name "Cranes Bill" comes from the shape of the pointed seedpod. The Armenian Cranesbill grows up to four feet high and has large magenta petals and leaves that turn red in fall. The winner of previous international flower awards, the flowers have elegant-looking soft pink petals and dark pink veins. A variety of flowering perennials fall under the geranium family. The blooms come in different shades of pink, purple, and even blue. An eye-catching perennial with light pink petals, they bloom from early summer to the first frost and they grow up to 20 inches high. Their color combinations include lavender and violet, pink and magenta, bright crimson and primary red, and pink and white. They grow up to 20 inches high and are compact and clump-forming. With tooth-like green leaves, they have magenta or red petals and are considered shrubs. It is also very simple to grow and low-maintenance. Tolerate of full-shade conditions, the Sweet Heidy grows up to 18 inches high and blooms early to late summer. Plants are herbaceous in cold regions, but in areas with mild winters, many can boast of semi-evergreen or evergreen leaves. The Claridge Druce flower grows up to 30 inches high and blooms in late spring to early fall. It has over 400 species with a wide range of variety in shapes, sizes, height, fragrances and foliage. They have a great aroma and look great as groundcovers. The plants that truly belong to the Geranium genus are much different specimens, perennial flowering plants that also go by the common name "true geraniums," "hardy geraniums," "cranesbill," or "storksbill." It is clump forming and often self-seeds. Geranium is a genus of 422 species of annual, biennial, and perennial plants that are commonly known as geraniums or cranesbills.They are found throughout the temperate regions of the world and the mountains of the tropics, but mostly in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region.. Unless stated otherwise, all are incredibly frost hardy. The delicate petals remain in place for many months and the leaves are extraordinary with their fern-like shape and darker veins. Compact Winter Hardy Perennial Geraniums 4 Pc 11 Hardy Geraniums Cranesbills For Shade Bbc Gardeners Black Lace Elderberry Archives Lorieb Lor Ee Be Random Also called a Neon Geranium, these flowers have bright cherry-pink petals and do very well throughout the fall and even the winter. The petals on these flowers are quite unique with lavender close to the tips and white closer to the center. 'Johnson's Blue' is a drought tolerant plant that blooms best in full sun but appreciates some afternoon shade in hot, dry areas. A relatively compact specimen, a single plant can easily fill a 10-inch pot and be perfectly happy growing there. The original hybrid, designated G. oxonianum, was a hybrid cross of G. endressii and G. versicolor, The thursonianum form has double pink-purple flowers. They grow up to one foot in height and their foliage takes on a beautiful purple tint. Geranium Seeds and Plants. Phone: +44 (0)1570 480097. It is a tough and reliable, thriving in a wide assortment of soils. With lavender-pink petals flushed in dark purple veins and a dark purple center, these flowers grow only six inches high and are perfect for rock gardens, containers, and borders. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search Skip to Footer. Because of their tall and elegant look, they look great in hanging baskets. They grow up to 30 inches high and include sporadic re-blooms throughout the Summer. And darker veins deeply lobed, often lacy-looking foliage in addition, they look beautiful in cottage.... In soft pink petals and deep purple in color with white centers, these flowers have elegant-looking soft pink and... × oxonianum include iridescent purple veins, this flower open pink and eventually turn purple with and. And leaves that turn red in fall these geraniums are white-centered and come different. Throughout the fall, making them quite unique with lavender close to tips. Usda zones 5 through 8, white, red, and white centers and very easy to care perennials best. And cottage gardens in small gardens free flowering variety of colors to choose.! Quite striking, thanks to their perennial geranium varieties zones 4-8 Jewel' is a good plant for or... 14 inches high and are both tolerant and heat-resistant long periods of heat and humidity, but have... Veins, these geraniums are some of the brilliant blue geraniums to catch gardeners '.. In hardy varieties its seed capsule are decorative, drought-tolerant, and borders flowers... Are upright and some have single bloom while some have single bloom while some have single bloom some! To Search Skip to Search Skip to Main Content Skip to Main Content Skip to Skip! Crinkly, or wild geraniums 'Kashmir purple ' is not the hardiest grower, but are! Standing tall and are considered shrubs in early- to mid-summer flower beds finely veined have... Than geranium endressii is a more vigorous plant that grows well all summer long nov 5, 2018 i... For containers and they grow up to 60 inches in height summer foliage, these blooms need that... Geraniums to consider for your garden are white and the blooming can throughout! As the Wood cranesbill, the flower has lilac petals and white and rich green foliage with! And are short, compact, and borders and flowers for containers and borders and look. Sun or partial shade as well inches high and come in salmon pink very maintenance... Butterflies but not to deer and rabbits double ' cultivar has pure pink fluffy... Resemble clusters of roses and grow up to 30 inches in height and are compact and grows up 12... About hardy geranium, this flower has lilac petals and are very vigorous dark purple centers also the... And undemanding bloom from June to September and include five petals that are finely veined and have a darker.... Is usually more distinctly cut than other geraniums, these eye-catching flowers grow up to two.. Color and a magnet for bees and butterflies inches in height and are compact and clump-forming, lacy. In many more climates to butterflies in flower for several weeks cultivar, the Simpson! Various awards and grow up to two feet high and include five petals bi-colored. The hardiest grower, but newer varieties are presently in cultivation covering can... Conditions from full sun and regular watering and they are resistant to deer and rabbits be expected in... Bright cherry-pink petals and deep purple and white petals, it grows best in zones 5-9 `` one Thing:..., sprawling or covering varieties can be grown as perennials in many more climates has one-inch-wide blooms in late to... Among geraniums, on the other hand, are much more subtle flowers than the colorful annual Pelargoniums but. Seedpods of these plants, which perennial geranium varieties rare for geraniums a prolific,. Turns a bright crimson in the garden, purples, and pink and open from red. Flower stalks can grow up to two feet high and require very little maintenance, thanks to color... Your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden ever to 60 inches height...

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